Thursday, November 10, 2011

What We're Shooting

We have been talking a lot about composition. Check out Jeremy and Nick's great work with composition!

What We Eat

We were very interested to see what the kids in Rwanda eat! Take a look at Jeremy's food photos. We will be documenting our Thanksgiving meals coming up- stay tuned for more photos of "What we eat!"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Food Assignment!

HI, this is Jonathan`s photo. so i love this fruits because i know every body  like it. i think is important in our bodies.

this second photo is carrots avocado  and beans,  this is first foods have protein

These are bananas! Very good!!!!

Hi! my name is theoneste!! so, these are some food pictures that i took in the sarounding area near kagugu.

 this is juice picture! i took this picture because i know every body likes juice! and of course it has so many proteins on it.
those are some potatoes! potatoes and beans are the most important foods that Rwandans like! so thats why i took this photo!
 these are cabbages and also this is the most legume which provides salad and i like salad so much! u too?
 this is the picture for tomatoes! for me i like tomatoes cause it is the most useful food for different kinds of source
 this is matoke or plaintains it one of the cheapest food in Rwanda. and it is one of the most eaten food
these are some pumpkins they were the most useful food in our past culture!

 i think every one likes milk!! me too i like it so much! it provided by cows. For the Rwandan culture  a cow shows love when some one gives it to you!!! so thats why i like milk and you know it is the only food which contains all kinds of vitamins

these are some eggs! i like eggs too cause they provide omelet ! and i know every one likes omelet! so enjoy my meaningful pictures!! by theo!

I hope you like our photos! Murakoze!! we love you so much!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


HELLO ,my name is Jonathan. I study at Kagugu school. I like this photo because these are the children of HOPE.

Hey my name is koffi I'am study at kagugu school. I am 13 years, old. I like this photo because  these children are laughing.

Hello I am called Sam. I am a student at Kagugu  school. I like my father because he help me all thing and my art and photograph class because it is where i learnt to draw and to take pictures.

Hi,i am Melody and i do art and photograph class with the project.This is a painting that my father did of him self,he is the example i followed in art.And i do like those landscapes behind him coz is the part i like in photography.  

My name is jordan. i like to sing a song of god and i like modern dance god bless you. Peace

My name is bobo. My school is World Mission Secondary School in senior 5. I love kids when they are joking,i am comedian and art as well as photography.Thank you so much.

 Hey guys!! This is some of us but there are many more of us. We heard that you guys have photography class. Have fun and take photos. Let's see which country can take more photos next week. Peace, Teoh Photo kids