Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I took this picture from my old appartment,from my bed room. On the camera, it looks like an explosion but on the computer......not so much.. lol xD

This is my best friend Jehiely, I caught her sleeping in the cafeteria of our school in the morning. I told someone to wake her, but before she was fully awake I snapped a pic of her before she had got up. =] :D

-Linsie =]
This is my puppy Princess.I love her.I have had her for a long time.She is the Best.

This is a picture of my new puppy.His name is Max.I love him.He is Awsome.Lol !

This is a picture i took from my apartment.It is actually across the street.I like this picture because it is telling a story and it looks like a old picture.

- Adrianna : )


These are some of my friends in my class
Linsie,Karina,Glamaris,James ,Justin, and Ilany