Friday, July 30, 2010


Recent News for the Project!!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for following "Through the Eyes of Hope Project". We have some good news! We are finally hoping to open up a Photography Portrait Studio/Business for the kids here in Kigali this coming year. This endeavor will not only make this project sustainable for years to come but it will also be able to invite many more children to be part of this project. In order to make this amazing opportunity happen for the kids we need your help to do so. We are need of computers, printers, cameras and more. If you would like to make a contribution to make this happen you can do so at and to find our more about this upcoming photo studio in Rwanda please email us at I attached of some things that we need for this project:

List of Items to Needed for Photo Studio for Kids:
• 2 IMAC Apple Computers with Photoshop: $4,000
• 1 Epson A3 Color Printer 2880: $1,000
• 12 months supply of paper & ink: $3,000
• 4 Studio Strobe Lights: $3,500-$5,000
• Generator for Photo Studio ($1,000)
• 2 Studio Backdrops: $700-$1,000
• 4 Digital Canon Rebel SLR cameras: $3,500-$4,000
• 12 months of rent for Photo Studio at $600/month=$7,200
• 1 year of Advertising and Marketing Photos Studio: $1,000
• Van for transporting kids ($10,000)
• Staff Person for running Photo Studio: $400 a month

List of Items to Donate for Project & Kids:
• Any older laptop donations for our new office
• Projector (around 800-$1,000) (for showing photographs)
• Sound system ($500) for kids speaking and exhibit events
• Play therapy toys (for kids)
• New pair of school shoes for our girls (about $10 each)
• Clothes for children aged 11-18 years of age
• Children's games; puzzles
• Art Supplies
• ESOL teaching supplies
• Teaching or fun dvd's for children
• New Staff person for Art Therapy Work with kids --$250 a month
• Sponsor a child for $35 a month
• Donation of digital cameras or film cameras

Volunteering in the USA--great for students! In areas of:
• US based Assistant to Project Manager- Andrea Dunn
• Accounting/Administrative/Data Entry
• Video/Graphic Design
• Website development
• Sponsorship program coordinator
• Volunteer coordinator
• Speaking for Fundraising
• Connecting to Churches
• Marketing
• Grant research & writing
• Introduce us to your church, bible study or missions committee

Volunteering in Rwanda:
• Administrative Assistant to Director-Linda Smith
• Finance
• Children's teacher/tutor/mentor/English teacher
• Counselor
• Art therapy
• Jewerly Program Coordinator
• Medical
• Vocational/Skills training
• Business Skills/Entrepreneur
• IT/Tech Person
• Program development—sponsorship program on ground
• Video/photography
• Any books or sermons by Heidi Baker or Jack Frost (For Linda)

For more details please email us at
Donations can be made online at
or mailed to:
P.O. Box P.O. Box 1592 
Norwalk, CT 06852-1592

With love and peace,
Linda ps I posted some photos of some of the beginnings of this wonderful project.