Wednesday, October 28, 2009



- Jade. xD
Hi I'm Linsie Ortiz,your pen pal. I'm thirteen years of age.I go to St.Athanasius. and Picklessssss and TACOS Rocks!!!!!!
Hello Emile thank you for writing back to me. I am thirteen(13) years old. I attend St. Athanasius School. I am having a lot of fun at photography class with Mrs. Dunn. I hope you have a great time with Linda. Bye-Bye until next time.
Whats up Eric, im Fabian Fraser and i go to St.Athanasius.this is a picture of my awesomeness(my face). I hope you got my letter and I will send you a really cool picture of a car soon. Talk to you soon.

Hello my name is Jehiely Olivares, Im your pen pal I just wanted to say hello and show you a picture of myself hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Corina

Hi,Corina.This is Adrianna Melendez.I am your pen pal from St.Athanasuis School. I Just want to say Hi and How are you ?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Emile to Jesus!!

Hello Jesus Reyes My name is Emile Iradukunda I come from Rwanda.I am fifteen(15)years.I study in Senior 1 day me I look your Message.I like photography,like to study,and to sing songs. OK, talk to you later, Emile.

jean de dieu

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Muyenzi kids first day with cameras!

Hey everyone,

This was a photograph that was taken of the Muyenzi kids in Rwanda receiving their first camera. They were so excited. Enjoy kids! Linda

Kagugu kids meet St Athanasius kids

This is a very special blog site which will feature the exchange of ideas of photography students from the Kagugu School in Kigali, Rwanda and from St Athanasius School in Bronx, NY, USA. Each week the students from both schools with post their favorite photo and video of the week and they can write to each other through this blog. Each of these students are part of the Project Through the Eyes of Hope Project, which provides photographic workshops and cameras to children in Rwanda and US. The website is Come and check out their work on this blog. More to come!